Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Twins Franchise Deep Six

As I mentioned in my Orioles Franchise Deep Six post, this one was going to be strange. The Minnesota Twins are a continuation of the old Washington Senators, but they have a completely different identity. As such, it's a tad odd to see Twins greats mixed with old Senator greats. Them's the rules though, so enjoy it for what it is.

1stWalter JohnsonJoe MauerHarmon KillebrewRod CarewEddie YostJoe CroninGoose GoslinKirby PuckettTony Oliva
2ndBert BlylevenEarl BatteyKent HrbekChuck KnoblauchCorey KoskieCecil TravisHeinie ManushClyde MilanSam Rice
3rdJohan SantanaButch WynegarJoe JudgeBuddy MyerGary GaettiGreg GagneRoy SieversTorii HunterBob Allison
4thBrad RadkeMuddy RuelMickey VernonBucky HarrisEddie FosterGeorge McBrideGary WardStan SpenceTom Brunansky
5thCamilo PascualBrian HarperJustin MorneauRay MorganOssie BluegeRoy SmalleyLarry HisleJimmie HallJohn Stone
6thFrank ViolaRick FerrellChick GandilBrian DozierBuddy LewisZoilo VersallesJacque JonesSam WestMatt Lawton

Though he no longer plays catcher, we got to see something truly special with Joe Mauer behind the plate. It's a real shame he needed to be moved to first base. A.J. Pierzynski just missed the cut. I chose Ferrell for the 6th Team only because he played for the franchise a bit longer.

Second base was surprising to me. I didn't think Brian Dozier in his brief career had done enough yet to show up in the keystone column, but there truly wasn't anyone more deserving that I could find. For all those fine players, there wasn't a lot of depth beyond them.

I named Corey Koskie this franchise's all-time third baseman a few years ago, but upon revisiting the numbers, I think you have to go with the Walking Man, Eddie Yost. His longevity is just too great a factor, even if Koskie at his best was a little better. It's no insult to be on the 2nd Team, Corey.

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