Friday, March 18, 2016

Dusty Baker, the Ultimate #12

Remember when I was doing Ultimate Number Player photo collages? Heck, I barely remember it meself. But thanks to some dedicated YouTubers who've uploaded classic baseball games (most likely without the express written consent of Major League Baseball), I've been able to find photographic evidence of some players having worn certain numbers for certain teams. One of those is the great Dusty Baker, who I named the Ultimate #12 in this post without a photo to accompany it. Fear no longer. I have just the photo you've waited almost three years for:

#12 Dusty Baker photo 12 - dustybaker.jpg

We've got him wearing it with the Braves, the Dodgers, the Giants, and the Athletics.

And just for kicks, Baker has worn it at all his managerial stops as well: The Giants, the Cubs, the Reds, and now the Nationals. Why don't we get a photo collage of that as well?

#12, manager Dusty Baker photo 12 - dustybaker - manager.jpg

Dusty's getting up there in years, so it's quite possible that Washington will be the last managerial stop of his career. Hopefully I won't have to amend this collage at any point.

Truly this man exemplifies all it means to wear the dozen digits... wait a minute. Baker... dozen... baker's dozen? Ohhhhh, Dusty. You clever sneak.

Good luck with the Nationals, Dusty Baker! Let's see if you can't get them that pennant they've been waiting for!