Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Old Home Boys

As a follow-up to this post, I thought it'd be fun to look at who played the most games for each of today's current franchises when they played under different polity names. In this case, there are two that were so short-lived they had none. Let's see who they were:

Philadelphia AthleticsJimmy Dykes1702
California AngelsBrian Downing1661
Boston BravesJohn Morrill1219
St. Louis BrownsJack Tobin1133
New York GiantsFrankie Frisch1000
Florida MarlinsCharles Johnson587
Brooklyn DodgersWillie Keeler566
Washington Senators (I)Charles Moran160
Baltimore Orioles (I)Bill Keister115
Kansas City AthleticsJohn O'Donoghue80
Milwaukee BravesBob Uecker46
Washington Senators (II)Johnny Klippstein42
Montreal ExposDenis Boucher15
Milwaukee Brewers (I)George McBride3
Anaheim Angelsnone0
Seattle Pilotsnone0

Would've been cool if the Pilots or Anaheim Angels could've participated, but no such luck.

It's amazing that the Milwaukee teams have had so few players born in the city. If you recall the other list, the Brewers' leader is Paul Wagner with 15. It looks like there's a good reason Bob Uecker has such a long-standing relationship with the Brewers: He's Milwaukee's all-time leading native son to play in the majors with a Milwaukee team. 46 whole games!