Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Nationals Franchise Deep Four

Time for another installment of Deep Six/Four/Three Later On, this time for the Nationals franchise! This one is very heavy on the franchise's Expo predecessors, but several Nats ended up on the 1st Team. Let's see how this goes:

1stSteve RogersGary CarterNick JohnsonJose VidroRyan ZimmermanIan DesmondTim RainesAndre DawsonVladimir Guerrero
2ndDennis MartinezBrian SchneiderRon FairlyRon HuntTim WallachOrlando CabreraMoises AlouMarquis GrissomRusty Staub
3rdPedro MartinezWilson RamosAndres GalarragaDelino DeShieldsBob BaileyChris SpeierWarren CromartieRondell WhiteLarry Walker
4thJavier VazquezDarrin FletcherMike JorgensenMike LansingLarry ParrishHubie BrooksMack JonesDenard SpanEllis Valentine

Not a bad group at some of these positions. Center and right fields were both quite good, as was pitcher. It's a shame the Expos couldn't hold on to Pedro Martinez, or he'd probably get a spot on the 1st team easily.

First base was a bit disappointing, as Andres Galarraga had the longevity, but not the consistent star-level play that he would later be known for in Colorado. It seems a shame to give the top spot to the oft-injured Nick Johnson, though he had some darn good numbers when he actually made it onto the field.

Catcher was pretty weak after Gary Carter. We'll see if Wilson Ramos can ever up his production enough to make it to the 2nd Team, though he's highly unlikely to catch Carter at this point.

Of course, the real shame is that Bryce Harper isn't here anywhere, due to his being flipped around the outfield so far in his young career. Once he settles in to a regular position and plays it for several seasons, he'll probably end up on the 1st Team somewhere. Could it be right field, which is already probably the franchise's strongest spot?