Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Orioles Franchise Deep Six

We're back for another of these Deep Six thingies, this time with a franchise that had two distinct identities. It's the Orioles franchise, which spent nearly half its existence as the St. Louis Browns. It probably seems odd to put them together (perhaps not as odd as the Twins/Senators one will be), but it's how I've chosen to do this project. Let's see what we've got:

1stJim PalmerChris HoilesGeorge SislerBobby GrichBrooks RobinsonCal Ripken Jr.Ken WilliamsPaul BlairFrank Robinson
2ndMike MussinaRick DempseyEddie MurrayBrian RobertsHarlond CliftBobby WallaceGeorge StoneBaby Doll JacobsonKen Singleton
3rdUrban ShockerHank SevereidRafael PalmeiroDel PrattDoug DeCincesMark BelangerDon BufordAdam JonesNick Markakis
4thNed GarverMatt WietersBoog PowellRoberto AlomarMelvin MoraMiguel TejadaGoose GoslinBrady AndersonJack Tobin
5thHarry HowellGus TriandosJim GentileDavey JohnsonJimmy AustinLuis AparicioHeinie ManushWally JudnichHarry Rice
6thCarl WeilmanWally SchangGeorge McQuinnMarty McManusManny MachadoVern StephensB.J. SurhoffMike DevereauxMerv Rettenmund

It's probably no surprise that most members of the 1st Team are from the Baltimore era. However, the St. Louis era is in the majority on the 5th and 6th Teams.

This franchise is surprisingly deep at both first base and shortstop, and third base ain't too shabby either. I expect to see Manny Machado move up the list in the future. The only reason he ranks behind Jimmy Austin is the fact that Austin played for the Browns so long.

This franchise is surprisingly shallow in the outfield; the only inner-circle great at any of the outfield positions is Frank Robinson. Goose Goslin is an acceptable Hall of Famer, and Heinie Manush is in, though he probably shouldn't be, but the rest are just very good players, and the pickings were slim for the lower teams.

In the starting pitcher column you have two Oriole aces, then four straight Brownies. Despite the renowned pitching staffs that have been seen down Baltimore way, none of them has ever been laden with long-lasting superstars. Give the Orioles credit for being able to assemble strong groups without individual standouts.

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