Friday, December 30, 2016

Ultimate Number Players: #16-20

I had a more ambitious post in mind, but I've been too scramble-brained lately to work on it, so maybe it'll go up next month. In the meantime, here's my obligatory post for December, a continuation of the Ultimate Number Players series.

Ultimate #16: Paul Lo Duca

The scrappy catcher is nigh forgotten these days, but he held on to #16 better than any other player in MLB history.

Ultimate #17: Ellis Valentine

I was unable to find a photo of Valentine's brief tenure with the Texas Rangers, but I'll presume that he did in fact wear #17, as various sources report. I will, however, include a photo collage of a close contender for the title of Ultimate #17, Mickey Rivers.

Ultimate #18: Jason Kendall

The greatest catcher in Pirates history, as well as the Ultimate #18, Kendall is one of the more underrated players in baseball history.

Ultimate #19: Curtis Wilkerson

Curtis Wilkerson??? Yes. Curtis Wilkerson.

Ultimate #20: Brad Fullmer

Don Sutton might in fact qualify, but I'm not completely certain. Since I am certain about good ol' Brad Fullmer, I'm going with him here.