Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Yankees Franchise Deep Six

A few days ago I put up the first post in this series for the Braves, and now it's time for the redone version of the Yankees' all-time positional depth chart that I mentioned.

1stWhitey FordYogi BerraLou GehrigRobinson CanoAlex RodriguezDerek JeterCharlie KellerMickey MantleBabe Ruth
2ndRed RuffingBill DickeyDon MattinglyJoe GordonGraig NettlesPhil RizzutoRoy WhiteJoe DiMaggioTommy Henrich
3rdRon GuidryThurman MunsonBill SkowronWillie RandolphHome Run BakerRoger PeckinpaughBrett GardnerEarle CombsRoger Maris
4thLefty GomezJorge PosadaJason GiambiTony LazzeriWade BoggsKid ElberfeldHideki MatsuiBernie WilliamsHank Bauer
5thBob ShawkeyElston HowardWally PippGil McDougaldRed RolfeBucky DentGene WoodlingRickey HendersonDave Winfield
6thMike MussinaMike StanleyMark TeixeiraSnuffy StirnweissClete BoyerTony KubekBob MeuselBobby MurcerReggie Jackson

The pitchers I could probably change around depending on what mood I'm in, but I'm fairly confident in my rankings for the other positions. Some of you might be surprised not to see Andy Pettitte here, given how many years he spent with the Yankees, but I felt he didn't have enough peak value.

The toughest choice was at second base. I originally had Joe Gordon on the 1st Team, but I went with Cano after considering his peak value and longevity. Gordon unfortunately lost two prime years to the war which might have given him the edge. It is a bit hard to believe at first that three quarters of the 2009 Yankees' infield consisted of their best ever players at the position, but it's quite believable after looking at the data.

I was a bit surprised at how weak left field was. If I could count players at multiple positions, Babe Ruth would probably be their best left fielder, but he played more games in right field, so that's where I put him.

The 6th Team here isn't too shabby. Whenever I finish this project, I might try to see which franchise has the best 6th Team. The Yankees seem like they'd be the obvious choice, but perhaps we'll be surprised.

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