Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The White Sox Franchise Deep Six

Time for a franchise that's never had much in the way of dynasties or star-studded teams, the Chicago White Sox! I thought this would be an interesting one to do next.

1stEd WalshCarlton FiskFrank ThomasEddie CollinsRobin VenturaLuke ApplingMinnie MinosoChet LemonMagglio Ordonez
2ndTed LyonsSherm LollarPaul KonerkoNellie FoxWillie KammGeorge DavisJoe JacksonFielder JonesHarold Baines
3rdEddie CicotteRay SchalkZeke BonuraRay DurhamBill MeltonLuis AparicioBibb FalkJohnny MostilFloyd Robinson
4thRed FaberRon KarkoviceEarl SheelyJorge OrtaPete WardChico CarrasquelTim RainesHappy FelschDanny Green
5thBilly PierceA.J. PierzynskiDick AllenFrank IsbellLee TannehillRon HansenCarlos LeeLance JohnsonHarry Hooper
6thMark BuehrleBrian DowningJiggs DonahueJackie HayesJoe CredeAlexei RamirezPatsy DoughertyJim LandisTaffy Wright

I'd say shortstop is definitely the deepest position for the Sox. I had to leave Ozzie Guillen off the list, even though he would've been a decent lower-tier guy for some clubs. Pitcher isn't bad either.

It's interesting that the top two first basemen are the White Sox' last two long-serving players at the position. Before the '90s Zeke Bonura was the franchise's greatest first-sacker. How weak is that? Jose Abreu had a great rookie year, and if he can have more seasons like that, he could easily crack this chart, maybe even end up near the top.

Center field is an interesting one here. There are no all-time immortals (Chet Lemon? Who would've guessed?), but they're all pretty solid. Jim Landis on the 6th Team is hardly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

At catcher and second base you see big dropoffs after the first three teams. Jackie Hayes only made the 6th Team because of longevity. It was between him and Tony Bernazard, who just didn't play with the Sox long enough to feel right.

It's also hard to believe how weak the Sox were in right field before the '80s. Floyd Robinson was their greatest right fielder up till then.The guy currently on top, Magglio Ordonez, remains a very underrated player.

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