Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Quiz For You

Do you like to test your knowledge? Do you feel especially proud when you can name every item on a list? If so, the website Sporcle may be just the thing for you, if it isn't already one of your favorites.

They have a wide selection of topics to quiz yourself on, and there's no shortage of baseball-related mini-exams. You think you can name every pitcher to throw a no-hitter? There's a quiz for that. What about each team's home run leader? There's a quiz for that. The top RBI seasons in MLB history? Quiz for that.

After using the site for so long, I finally decided to create a few quizzes of my own. Have you ever looked at past All Star Game starters? You'll be surprised at some of the obscure names you find. My quizzes challenge you to name the ASG's starting third basemen. There's one for the National League and one for the American. Sound easy? Give it a try and see!

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