Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Birthday Oddity

You'll never believe what I just found! Get this...this is really cool. I was on Baseball Reference, right? I was on Baseball Reference and I was looking at the 1908 births page. I sort them by birth date and at the bottom of the list I find that there were three of them born on December 25. Yeah, that's right. Christmas 1908. Who are they? Alphabetically, Ben Chapman, Alta Cohen and Jo-Jo Moore. Well, all right. Three men with the same birthdate. Not especially unusual is it? Yes, yes, well let me explain...

Since I did this post recently I'd achieved some degree of familiarity with New York's three-team arrangement from the old days, right? I look at these three Christmas babies and suddenly it hits me...they've each played for one of the three New York teams! And on further inspection, they all played in town at the same time! Do you believe this?

And to top it all off (oh, this is great) they were all outfielders! In fact, in 1932 each New York team had one of those men play left field at some point! Chapman did it for the Yankees, Cohen did it for the Dodgers and Moore did it for the Giants! Three teams in one city and they each find a way to put one of these Yuletide bundles of joy from crazy '08 in the left garden. How do you like that? What are the odds, right?

Soooooooooo...yeah. That's incredible. I believe I'm the first one to make this discovery, so...excuse me while I take some credit. Anyway...uh...that's it. Hope you enjoyed that fun little tidbit. Did I relay it well, or did I come across something like this guy?

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