Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey, You Want Some Eggs?

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers on advancing to the first ALCS in franchise history! It's been a special year down in Texas, and if they can exorcise the demons of playoffs past by beating the Yankees, well...it would raise their season to storybook levels.

Unfortunately, sometimes a likable team has to lose in order for a likable team to win. In this case, that losing team was the Tampa Bay Rays. They too had a great season, but this won't be the year where they take home their first title. On the bright side, I've discovered a way to commit one of their players' faces to memory. Tonight I noticed that Ben Zobrist, versatile infielder-outfielder, bears a striking resemblance to the most loathsome character ever created in the universe of LOST, Martin Keamy:

As long as Zobrist doesn't bare too many teeth I'm afraid he's going to take someone's daughter hostage.

(Thanks to Getty Images and Lostpedia for the photos.)

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