Friday, November 18, 2016

Annual Updates, 2016

Another season has come and gone, and the awards are now in the books. Updates have been made to the following posts:

 The Second Place Award Winners
Rookie of the Year Facts
Which Team Had the Most Cy Young Winners?
Back-to-back World Series with different franchises
The Run That Clinched It

It was quite a year, with the Cubs (finally!) winning the World Series, and doing so in a thrilling fashion. As a longtime Cub rooter, it was perhaps my most rewarding moment as a fan. Right up there with the time the White Sox won it. It still hasn't sunk in yet that it really happened. I'll never forget it though. Whether these Cubs become a dynasty, or whether they fall apart like other great young teams have, we'll always have 2016. Flags fly forever.

Also, with Rick Porcello winning the Cy Young Award, the 2014 Tigers' pitching staff becomes a thing of legend, so be sure to check that Cy Young post out.