Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Reds Franchise Deep Six

Back for another Deep Six, this time for a franchise that was frustrating to compile. The lower levels of several of these positions were so mediocre that trying to pick the right guys was tough. I hate it when it's a close call.

1stNoodles HahnJohnny BenchJoey VottoJoe MorganHeinie GrohBarry LarkinGeorge FosterVada PinsonFrank Robinson
2ndJim MaloneyErnie LombardiTed KluszewskiBid McPheeTony PerezDave ConcepcionPete RoseEric DavisKen Griffey
3rdBucky WaltersEd BaileyJohn ReillyLonny FreyChris SaboRoy McMillanBob BescherEdd RoushIval Goodman
4thJose RijoBubbles HargraveJake BeckleyBrandon PhillipsTodd FrazierLeo CardenasKal DanielsCy SeymourReggie Sanders
5thFrank DwyerJohnny EdwardsFrank McCormickMiller HugginsHans LobertBuck HerzogCharley JonesBobby TolanCurt Walker
6thEppa RixeyLarry McLeanLee MayJohnny TempleArlie LathamFrank FennellyAdam DunnBug HollidayJay Bruce

Yes, friends, Joey Votto is already the greatest Reds first baseman of all time. First base was a strong position for this franchise, with lots of very good players but few great ones. You have to love the consistency of it. Just missing the cut was "the Mayor," Sean Casey.

Did you realize the Reds haven't had that many dominant pitchers in their history? Now you do. They've never had a Cy Young winner either.

Tony Perez is better known as a first baseman, but his greatest years while playing third base forced me to put him there. Also at the hot corner, Todd Frazier is quickly working his way up the list. Appreciate what you're seeing, Cincy fans. He's a special one.

The most disappointing part of this was Pete Rose. He played all over the field, and I felt that his best years were in left. However, if you rank him purely as a left fielder, he comes in behind George Foster. There was no way he was going to beat out Votto, Morgan, Groh, or Robinson at their positions either. While he may be the ultimate Cincinnati Red, there wasn't a way to get him on the 1st Team. But I suppose Rose has some experience with being excluded.